Data policy

The IFRI network is in the process of developing a data-sharing policy that will set the conditions whereby IFRI data will be made available for public use. As soon as a responsible policy has been developed, it will be posted to this page. For more information about this policy or about using IFRI data, please

IFRI database

Below is a table that depicts how many countries, communities, and forest plots that IFRI has visited, in order to show how wide and deep IFRI's impact is across the globe.

Data collection tool

The IFRI-FLARE Community Forestry Tool developed as part of the support from ICF and DFID to IFRI seeks to meets this dual challenge of effective, low cost monitoring, and generating multi-country data on community forestry.The data collection tool can be accessed here:

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Forest level dataset

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Form level dataset (Site Overview, Forest,Settlement, Association, Plot)

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